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Our range of safety products is virtually complete. Our exclusive range of Personal Protection & safety products include Safety shoes, Safety Belts and Safety Harness, “Safety Coverall” 100% Cotton and 65%-35% Poly Cotton Coveralls, and Nomex Fire retardant Coveralls, Welding Safety Items, Safety Helmets and Chemical respirators, Hand Gloves, Safety Goggles with night vision capability by ESS, USA, Road and Traffic Safety items like Traffic cones, Road blocks, Road Drums, Cargo Lashings, Warning Lights etc. We are dedicated to our commitment to find the best quality safety products at the lowest price. A brief list of safety items, which are available with us, is as follows:

Safety and Disposable Coveralls, Safety Helmets, Welding Helmets, Safety shoe, Hand Gloves, Rubber Gloves, Leather Gloves, Cotton Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Electric Resistant Gloves, etc. Safety Goggles, Face shields, Ear Muffs, Gas Masks, Dust masks, Gas monitor & Alarms, Gas detectors, Web slings, Air Breathing Apparatus, Emergency eye wash and Shower stations, Safety Belts, Safety Harness, Tool Pouches, Safety Warning Signs, First Aid kits, Duct Tapes, Masking Tapes, Chemical lights, Warning Tapes, Traffic Cones, Road Blocks, Road Drums, Traffic Batons, Traffic Signs, Traffic Reflective Jackets, Rotary Warning Lights, Cargo Latching belts, Tow straps etc.